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Win this Immuno-Viva Product! (CLOSED)

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Immuno-Viva natural antioxidant supplements
Not too long ago I received my bottle of “Renew” in the mail. Excited I opened the box and immediately rubbed it on my hands. As you may think (As I did) that because it is oil that it would leave your hands oily, well it doesn’t. Instead of the oily/greasy feeling that some beauty oils can leave, it left my hands completely soft. Since I am only twenty-three years old, I decided I was too young to use it on my face (in the beginning). Therefore, I used it on my beautiful (yet very visible) stretch marks that I got from my previous  pregnancies. That’s right it not only works on wrinkles it works on stretch marks, dry skin, blemishes, and even those dried out elbows that nothing seems to moisturize! Here are some photos for you.

Day One
Day Seven

My study lasted for one week (seven days) during this time I applied the serum each morning only to the right side of my stomach. On the seventh day, my stretch marks were so light I had to get closer to my stomach with the camera just to pick them up in the photo. If I would have kept, the study going for two weeks or even a month it would definitely show progress of them disappearing. I would definitely recommend this product to others.  Even though I am so young, I decided not to try it out on my face in the beginning. However, I did try it out on my face and the softness I felt afterward was amazing! On my cheeks I suffer from very dry blemishes, this just made them smooth, and soft, I was amazed. So even if you think you are too young, I would definitely try it out on your face as well!
Here is my review:

Product Quality: Great, the only downfall was the smell but it works great and feels great!
Packaging: The product comes in a glass bottle with a dropper. I love the packaging.
Recommendation: I would definitely recommend this product to others.
My rating: On a 10 pt scale I give this product a 9 ½. (The smell definitely should be improved.)
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