Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wild Doll Love ( Outfit Post and Reasons Why You Should Check Them Out ;) )

         My package from Wild Doll finally arrived! So happy! Last month, I won a giveaway hosted by Jessie Holeva sponsored by Wild Doll. The dress I won is called Day Dreaming Lace Dress – White which only costs $24.97!

So here are a photos of me wearing the super cute dress.
With Wild Doll, you can be any kind of doll..

You can be a Sweet Doll..
Or you can be a Cute Doll.. 
But my favorite of all? Being a Wild Doll!! :)

11.       Super cute clothes, shoes and accessories!
22.       Very affordable items. (Some items are less than $10!)
33.       Amazing Customer Service (Seriously)!
44.       Weekly giveaways!
55.       Free Cash!!! (yup you heard it right, read more to learn more about it)

You can check out their clothes on their website here. I’m impressed by their customer service, really! Even though I didn’t pay them for the lovely dress (you know, since I won their giveaway :D ), they replied so fast, like in just a few minutes. I was worried that maybe my package got lost in transit or something because it’s been a few weeks since they shipped the item, and they gave me the package’s tracking number to check it out. I wanted to contact the customer service of the postal office but I couldn’t since I couldn’t provide a US address. Wild Doll’s customer service assured me that if my package hasn’t arrived in 3 weeks (it usually takes about 3 weeks for international packages to arrive), they would contact customer service for me. I’m just really amazed at their kindness and especially their fast replies! :D

So now about the free stuff, you can like their facebook page here and sign up and subscribe to their newsletter at their website to get $10! If you want to learn more about how to earn free cash, check it out here.

*But take note that the maximum amount of Wild Doll’s free cash that you can use per order cannot exceed 15% of the total value of the items purchased.
Happy Shopping! J

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