Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Closet Pick of the Week ♥ 1

This is my first Closet Pick post! I'll be showing you clothes, accessories or shoes from my closet and I'll be saying a few words on why I love them! You can expect this to be a weekly thing. ♥ 

So why do I love this button down cardigan? I have a couple of cardigans but so far, this is my favorite among them all, I bought it from Terranova. I love that when I wear it, it makes my silhouette look slimmer. I especially love the buttons, these are my favorite kind of button (the large, round and shiny ones). I find the bow design on the pockets adorable and girly. But mostly because it's so comfortable and it makes me feel all warm and toasty especially recently since it's been pouring hard here in the Philippines.

Outfit Post featuring this cardigan

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